There is so much to love about The Market Common area of Myrtle Beach. It’s been a great spot to grab lunch or dinner, do a little shopping, see a movie or even go for a run since it opened in 2008. But in 2016, the area made headlines when it became home to the Southeast’s first enabling playground, Savannah’s Playground.

This playground is one-of-a-kind and beloved by visitors and locals alike. The $3 million,  multi-acre park features all ADA-approved playground equipment designed so that children of all abilities have the opportunity to play and interact socially with one another. There is a music park, interactive playground, early childhood playground, school-age playground, picnic area, challenge ropes, ziplining, and more, and all of it is free and open to the public.

Free and open to anyone, the playground is named after Savannah Thompson, a Myrtle Beach native with Williams Syndrome who is actively involved in the Grand Strand community and serves as a bright reminder of the power of a positive attitude. While only the first phase of the park has been completed, you wouldn’t know it as there is so much to do. A water play area and paddle boats are part of the final plan.

We enthusiastically recommend families traveling with children check out this playground if they have an opportunity. Not only because it’s free, but because of its proximity to Market Common. Older teens can do some shopping or see a movie nearby while younger children have the chance to play, and there are several wonderful restaurants where everyone can enjoy a meal together. It’s also inspiring to see children of all abilities coming together and bonding over

Savannah’s Playground is located at 3600 Emmens Avenue, Myrtle Beach. There are portable toilets on-site, plenty of parking available and it’s an inspiring stop to add to any vacation itinerary. More information can be found on