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Whether it's your first visit or one of many, we want your time along The Grand Strand to be both enjoyable and memorable. There are a few things that each visitor needs to know about traveling to our area - the rules and regulations of our area, beach and pool safety tips, etc. 

Beach Safety Tips

With tens of thousands of people swimming in the ocean and pool daily during the summertime, the Myrtle Beach area has an excellent safety record. But it's important to take proper precautions whenever near water. Here are a few water safety tips to make sure your visit to one of the many beaches or pools in the Myrtle Beach area is as fun and as safe as possible. Read all the safety tips for a fun day at the beach below!

Know Before You Go! The City of Myrtle Beach Welcomes You

The Myrtle Beach Police Department is committed to the safety and well-being of Myrtle Beach residents and the millions of tourists who flock to the popular destination each year. Please know that summer is a busy time at The Beach, and everyone is expected to follow the laws and show respect to others.

Important Pool Safety Tips

Keep your kids safe at the pool while on vacation in Myrtle Beach by remembering these key safety tips.

There's A Reason People Call Myrtle Beach "The Beach"

Here, you become your best self. It’s a place where you can let loose, let it ride, and go with the flow.

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Beach Wheelchairs

In North Myrtle Beach and Surfside Beach, beach-going wheelchairs are available for use at no cost. There are also many accessible beach access points throughout the Grand Strand.

Tides and Conditions

Check the tide chart in the link below for current information on the beach tides and conditions. 

Parking And Parking Meters

The link below provides more information on parking and parking meters in Myrtle Beach. 

Myrtle Beach Frequently Asked Questions

Can you have alcohol on Myrtle Beach?

No, alcohol is not permitted on any public beach in the Myrtle Beach area. 

Can you walk on the beach at night in Myrtle Beach?

Yes, you can walk on the beach at night in Myrtle Beach, however, there is a curfew in effect from midnight to 6am for juveniles under age 18. 

Can you smoke on Myrtle Beach?

No, smoking on the beach is prohibited. 

Can you take sand from Myrtle Beach?

Taking sand from the beach is actually illegal! 

Why are there no tents at Myrtle Beach?

Beach tents must be placed above the high tide line, should not exceed 12' by 12' and must not impede any lifeguard's line of sight. In North Myrtle Beach, tents are not allowed from May 15 to Sept. 15. The City of Myrtle Beach does not allow beach tents from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Horry County beaches restrict tents year-round. 

Can you swim in Myrtle Beach at night?

Swimming at night is strongly discouraged due to safety risks. Obey all beach safety flags displayed at beach accesses and lifeguard stands. 

Can you have umbrellas at Myrtle Beach?

The City of Myrtle Beach's regulations restrict the use of tents and other shading devices, excluding umbrellas and small toddler tents, from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Tents and canopies are allowed after Labor Day and until Memorial Day. Beach tents can be placed above the high tide line, should not exceed 12' by 12' and must not impede any lifeguard's line of sight. 

North Myrtle Beach prohibits tents from May 15 to Sept 15. Only umbrellas with a center pole no larger than 7' 6" in height and a circular shade no greater than 9' in diameter are allowed.

What does the red flag at Myrtle Beach mean?

The single red flag in Myrtle Beach signifies no swimming and a high swimming hazard due to surf and strong current. A double red flag signifies that the water is closed to the public. Please visit our website to learn what the flag colors mean. Please reference the signs posted at the nearest beach access. 

Is the water blue in Myrtle Beach?

The ocean water in Myrtle Beach is a beautiful blue color, sometimes appearing to be dark teal in certain places of the Grand Strand. 

What is the South Carolina coast called?

The northern section of the South Carolina coast is called the “Grand Strand” and refers to the 60 miles of coastline and 6 popular beaches of South Carolina due to the area’s vast beaches and variety of activities. The Grand Strand also describes the 14 communities along the coast from Little River to Pawleys Island and inland to Conway.

Is Myrtle Beach impacted by the Sargassum Seaweed?

No, Myrtle Beach is not impacted by Sargassum Seaweed. While Myrtle Beach, SC, is not located in the Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt, the destination continues to monitor the movement of the seaweed and we understand how impactful this natural phenomenon can be for the communities affected.