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Traveling to The Beach

How you are getting to The Beach is a big part of your planning process!

Traveling by air to South Carolina's Myrtle Beach area is easier than ever with the Myrtle Beach International Airport with 10 different airlines and dozens of direct flights. 

The favorite way for visitors to get to the Grand Strand is by car, so you can get out an explore easily. But if you're planning a long weekend getaway, a golf outing, or a fun shopping expedition, there are many ways to travel to Myrtle Beach and get around the area. 

Learn more about how to get around the Myrtle Beach area.

The entrance of Myrtle Beach's International Airport.
MYR airport nightshot

Fly to The Beach

Looking for a flight? The Myrtle Beach International Airport offers 9 airlines and dozens of direct flights across the country making it easy to find a flight from your hometown to The Beach. See which airlines fly to The Beach.

Luggage Storage

It can be a challenge to find places to store your luggage between check in or out and your travel schedule. There are a few options around the Grand Strand for you to choose from. The Market Common stores passengers’ luggage as a courtesy in their main office at 4017 Deville St. from 9 - 5, Monday – Saturday. Bounce Luggage Storage is now available in many locations across the Myrtle Beach area from Pawleys Island to North Myrtle Beach.

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Traveling to Myrtle Beach by Car

Traveling by Car

We want to make driving to The Beach even easier so we're working hard to expand roadways for travel to South Carolina's Myrtle Beach area. A proposed Interstate 73 corridor would create more of a direct route for visitors to the Grand Strand from states throughout the upper mid-west and northeast.

Want to know how close you are to the Myrtle Beach Area? Take a look at these cities and the driving distance from them. 

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Transportation & Rental Car Options

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