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Myrtle Beach Spring Vacation Guide

Beach With The Best This Spring


While the groundhog may have seen his shadow and predicted 6 more weeks of winter, here at The Beach, spring comes early with its sunny skies and warm weather! With 60 miles of coastline, 2,000 restaurants, over 80 golf courses, several live theaters, dozens of attractions, and more accommodation units than Las Vegas, the best and beachiest beach awaits you in Myrtle Beach. Check out this Spring Vacation Guide for insider knowledge and recommendations to get the most out of your trip! 

Five Day, Family-Friendly Trip Itinerary

The kids need to get out of the house, and what better place to explore than The Beach! 

Places to Stay

Choose from beach houses to roomy condos and more from across the Grand Strand! 

2023 Deals & Coupons

Save a little money on the trip essentials, so you can pack in more fun!