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Non-stop to Myrtle Beach from Niagara Falls, NY and Detroit, MI

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Non-stop to Myrtle Beach from Albany, Newburgh/Stewart, and Syracuse, NY.

The Myrtle Beach area is the jewel of South Carolina and is nestled along the mid-Atlantic region of the eastern United States. It's the place where time loses its meaning and cares slip away with the tide. Vacationers wake each morning to the bright yellow sun and drift off each evening to the soft sound of the ocean. Each day is filled with a fun adventure, a new memory, and sun-kissed cheeks. With 100km/60 miles of picturesque beaches and an average year-round temperature of 25° Celsius, luscious green palmetto trees, cloudless skies and a touch of southern comfort, you'll easily understand what makes this place so amazing and why our visitors return to our shores year after year. From entertaining miniature golf to exciting waterparks to fantastic shopping, a vacation to Myrtle Beach offers something memorable for everyone.

American holiday-makers have long been very familiar with the delights of the Myrtle Beach area but can no longer keep the secret from international visitors who, in increasing numbers, are now finding this stretch of the South Carolina coast.  As a family destination, the Myrtle Beach area rivals many Florida resorts, not only for its beaches and watersports, but also for the high standards of entertainmentfood golf, and shopping. The long hours of sunshine keep holiday-makers on the beach, but after dark, the Myrtle Beach area nightlife buzzes with restaurant conversation, dancing, and shows.  We're glad you're here, and we hope you enjoy and savor every minute of your Myrtle Beach holiday. 

Get Here Fast:  Non-stop Air Service to Myrtle Beach

If you're the traveler who wants to get to the Grand Strand fast so you can begin enjoying the sights and sounds of the Myrtle Beach area sooner, no problem! Flying here is easier than ever via the Myrtle Beach International Airport, with several well-known carriers flying non-stop to Myrtle Beach, including Spirit Airlines and Allegiant Air.

Non-stop air service from Niagara Falls, NY and Detroit, MI, on Spirit Air and Albany, Newburgh/Stewart, and Syracuse, NY on Allegiant Air to Myrtle Beach. The Myrtle Beach International Airport is also well-equipped and accessible via a multitude of U.S. east-coast gateway options - click here to see flight options.

Flights to Myrtle Beach for Canadian visitors, Spirit and Allegiant, Visit Myrtle Beach, SC

What to Wear

Think light when holidaying in the Myrtle Beach area. Summer temperatures mean light clothing is all that is required, with just a light jacket or sweater being adequate for the days or evenings in spring or autumn.  Only slightly heavier clothes are needed for a winter visit.


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International visitors will find the hotel rate seasons reversed in South Carolina. The winter is low season in the Myrtle Beach area, with June to August designated as the high season when accommodation rates are higher.

A holiday stay in the Myrtle Beach area offers something for every budget, with more than 450 hotels and 90,000 accommodation units.  These range from elegant golf and seaside resorts, to rustic cottages, and motels.  Choose from a variety of lodging locations including oceanfront, ocean view, or a short walk or drive to the ocean.  There are also several campgrounds located between Myrtle Beach and the South Strand, with campers having the choice of nearly a dozen campgrounds, two state parks, and more than 7,000 camping sites, many just feet from the surf and ocean.

Vacation beach home rentals are affordable options for couples, golfers or several families gathering for a reunion.  From cottages nestled in the dunes of Pawleys Island to condos overlooking the North Myrtle Beach seaside, there are options to fit all tastes and budgets. 

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Warm Southern Welcome - Myrtle Beach Style Something that many visitors remark upon is the traditional warm southern welcome they receive in the Myrtle Beach area, whether from smiling hotel receptionists or from restaurant staff. The recipe for a memorable Myrtle Beach area holiday comes automatically with two special ingredients - southern charm and southern hospitality.

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Local Businesses Exchanging Canadian Currency

TD Bank
2003 Oak Street, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 (843) 448-9458

National Bank of South Carolina 
Founders Centre, 2411 Oak Street, Myrtle Beach SC 29577, (843) 626-1800
Account holders only.