The original Myrtle Beach Boardwalk was built in the 1930s and it quickly became the focal point for the developing tourist destination. For many years, the Boardwalk was graced by US servicemen stationed nearby, by entrepreneurs whose imaginations were sparked by the boardwalk and the exciting Atlantic coastline, and by tourists who attended nearby dance halls, arcades, pavilions, restaurants, and attractions. The Bowery opened in 1944, and the Gay Dolphin gift shop opened in 1946, and no doubt their customers enjoyed a stroll on the iconic attraction.

In 1954, the heyday of the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk was violently disrupted by hurricane Hazel which left the structure in a twisted heap of wood and metal. The Grand Strand eventually recovered from the terrible storm, but the famed Boardwalk was not rebuilt until 2010. The modern version is actually called the “Oceanfront Boardwalk and Promenade,” as it is about half boardwalk and half concrete walkway--but it is still widely referred to as “the Boardwalk.”

The Boardwalk, which begins just north of the 2nd Avenue Pier and ends just past 14th Avenue North, has once again become a must-see attraction in Myrtle Beach. It has received countless accolades from national publications, and it’s a great place to enjoy restaurants, shops, entertainment, festivals, and spectacular ocean views. The Gay Dolphin and the Bowery remain, and they have been joined by the Myrtle Beach Skywheel, Art Burger Sushi restaurant, new hotels, and very recently, a new complex that includes a Tin Roof, Starbucks, and Banditos restaurant.

We recently realized that information on the total length of the Boardwalk varied, depending upon which website was viewed. Is it 1.2 miles? 1.4? 1.5? Always curious, we set out to find out. Check out this video to enjoy the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and find out the answer: