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On Location: Surfside Beach, South Carolina

  By  Ashley Daniels
Mom and daughter ride bikes

We are traveling from the top of the Grand Strand to the bottom and exploring the unique 14 communities that make up the Myrtle Beach area. Just to the south of Myrtle Beach, you will find Surfside Beach, known as the “family beach” in the Grand Strand. Surfside Beach was the first town to be certified as autism-friendly, taking a pledge to learn and assist families who travel with persons of sensory-processing disabilities. Surfside’s clean beaches are also supervised by lifeguards for an extra pair of eyes while your children are swimming in the waves.

The beauty of Surfside is that many of the restaurants, houses, and fun are within a golf cart drive away between the ocean and highway 17 – maybe even walking distance! For breakfast, a must-have is Benjamin’s Bakery and Café which has been a fixture in Surfside for over 25 years. Voted best of the Grand Strand, Benjamin’s serves tasty breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and breads that are all homemade.

Exterior of Benjamin's Bakery in Surfside Beach

There’s another River City Café location in Surfside, but this one is right on the beach. Grab a burger and gaze on the waves while you take a short break from the sun. Down in this area, there are also several local restaurants, all with fun vibes to enjoy throughout the year. Check out Chimichanga llama or Pizza Hyena for good food and a good time! 

Two couples walking in Surfside Beach together

Surfside Beach Pier is a focal point of the town, however, in 2016, Hurricane Matthew destroyed part of the pier. Surfside is rallying the community to rebuild the pier complete with a restaurant and plenty of space for fishing. The construction is almost completed, and we can’t wait to see the done project very soon!

There’s nothing much better than ice cream after a day spent on the beach. Check out Meyer’s Ice Cream Parlor and instantly be taken back in time by its vintage, retro vibe. From sundaes to ice cream cakes, Meyer’s is the perfect place to enjoy a sweet treat.

A Myrtle Beach staple, Dagwood’s Deli & Sports Bar, is known for their subs and pub foo. It is also known around town as the headquarters for all Washington Redskins and South Carolina Gamecock football fans but is a great place to watch any type of sports game in the area.

For those who travel with a family member who is on the autism spectrum, the Town of Surfside Beach offers services and a list of participating business in the CAN (Champion Autism Network) program on their website, so that you and your family can be fully equipped when traveling to Surfside. Services include autism-friendly lodging, speedy service at restaurants, and awareness of loud or crowded attractions. These services extend throughout Myrtle Beach, so you can learn more and plan ahead by using the resources on our Autism-Friendly Vacations page as well.

Sensory-Friendly Travel: Nature Events at Myrtle Beach State Park

Surfside Beach loves to celebrate the holidays, and the town will often host golf cart parades for July 4th, Labor Day, Christmas, and more! 

Surfside Beach Videos

The Beach's Best Bagels

In this episode, Johanna visits Benjamin's Bakery in Surfside Beach. Benjamin's is a staple of the Grand Strand community, known for their baked goods and coffee. They have been supplying breads and other baked goods to restaurants in the community for years and years - so chances are you've eaten a roll from Benjamin's Bakery!

Myrtle Beach Karaoke in Surfside Beach

Julio hits "The Family Beach" for an offseason excursion, taking in the beautiful weather October brings and hanging with some families on Fall Break in Surfside Beach.

Did You Know: Myrtle Beach & Surfside Beach are Autism-Friendly Destinations

Paul and Mary Stein with Daxton share their autism-friendly Myrtle Beach vacation story.


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Ashley Daniels

Ashley Daniels of Myrtle Beach is a full-time freelance writer, editor, wife, and mother of three sons (not necessarily in that order), and two fur babies. A native of Eastern PA, Ashley received her bachelor’s in English Writing from the University of Pittsburgh and her MA in Writing from Coastal Carolina University. Today, her folio boasts nearly 25 years of regional and nationally published printed magazine features, blogs, and web copy for a lineup of clients on the East Coast, and ADDY award-winning copywriting. For more info, visit