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5 Things Solo Travelers Can Do in Myrtle Beach

  By  Shelbi Ankiewicz
Myrtle Beach Craft Beer at Crooked Hammock

People travel for all different reasons. Some do it to spend time with family, others for a weekend getaway with their partners, and sometimes people do it solo to experience independence or discover a new place. This is for those travelers who don’t wait for others to see the world. The one’s who muster up the courage to travel to a destination unknown to them and try something new. If you’re that person or know someone who is looking for a good solo trip, Myrtle Beach has plenty of activities to offer, so you end up going home with friends from all over the United States.

1. Arts and Crafts

One of the best ways to meet new people is by participating in a class. Myrtle Beach has a few places where you can sign up and do an individual project, but alongside other people. One is Wine & Design in The Market Common. This studio allows people to pick a class they want to participate in, whether it’s painting a sunrise or doing a holiday themed piece, there are many to choose from. And the best part is, you can drink some wine while doing it. Another studio is called Nailed It, which consists of DIY training on any project of your liking. You can create wall décor, address holders, signs for events, etc. You just pick a project and a studio time, and you’re all set to start making new projects and relationships.

2. Hiking Trails

If you’re looking to get out and explore nature, Myrtle Beach has laid back hiking trails that are great for exploring the local flora and fauna. The Hulk, also known as The Horry County – Carolina Forest Bike & Run Park is comprised of multiple trails, with the longest one stretching 7 miles long. It’s a wonderful spot to spend a morning under the trees, observing the wildlife and the Intracoastal Waterway it’s located on. Next is the Myrtle Beach State Park. Yes, most people come here for the beach, but there are also nature trails such as the Sculptured Oak and Pond Trail that are nice and relaxing to explore before hitting the beach.

3. Water Activities

Water sports are the ideal go to for any situation, because whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, it’s always enjoyable. In Myrtle Beach there are many water activities to participate in, but the best ones for solo travelers are kayaking and surfing. You can sign up for a sunset kayak tour where you’ll be in a group of people with a guide, moving alongside our marshes, which makes it easy to meet people and gives you an insight into the local ecosystem. Surfing is also very popular, however this is more individual, as you’re usually with an instructor and heavily focused on standing up on your board rather than talking with others.  

4. Shows and Theatres

One of the best things about Myrtle Beach is the entertainment. Whether you’re watching an impressionist of Elvis Presley or a choreographed dance, there’s always something going on. There are many show venues in the area that offer different types of entertainment. The Asher Theatre does concerts, comedy shows and murder mysteries, whereas the Alabama Theatre will have you mesmerized with their flashy dancers and perfect harmonies. But, if you’re looking for something with a little more thrill, book a night show at Pirates Voyage where you can consume a meal while listening to pirate tales and watching non-stop action. This venue is owned by Dolly Parton and is one of the only two in the world, so it might be worth seeing.

5. Beer Tasting

Finally, what better way to meet people on a solo trip than over a drink? Myrtle Beach has many local breweries where you can try craft beers and spend time outside. New South Brewing is a microbrewery in Myrtle known for their ales and lagers, that distribute to three other cities in South Carolina. They’ve been around since 1998, so they know what they’re doing. Another spot is Tidal Creek Brewhouse located in Market Common. It’s the perfect place to grab a flight and lounge outside in the green space where you can usually find lots of dogs and people on their lunch breaks. Lastly is Grand Strand Brewing Company, a place that just opened in the last few years. Located right in the heart of Myrtle Beach, there’s plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, and depending on when you go, you might even catch some live music.

Shelbi Ankiewicz
Shelbi Ankiewicz is a senior at Coastal Carolina University studying communication, journalism, and intercultural studies. She is originally from Montgomery, Alabama, but has resided in Myrtle Beach for 14 years. She is the Editor-in-Chief of CCU's student newspaper, The Chanticleer, and is a member of a two-year leadership program called the Wall Fellows. Shelbi enjoys trying new restaurants, traveling to major cities in the SouthEast, and attending concerts. In her free time you can find her hanging out with her frenchton bulldog, Oma, or visiting the local trails Myrtle Beach has to offer.