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Weddings & Honeymoon Dining

Myrtle Beach Weddings & Honeymoon Dining

One of the leading events of any wedding or honeymoon is dining out. In the Myrtle Beach area, your pre-wedding dinner or romantic meal as newlyweds can take many different forms. If tonight it's by candlelight, then tomorrow it's seaside at sunset. With thousands of restaurants with every cuisine to choose from, planning meals alone is bound to take up a good deal of time but it's time well spent. Couples visiting the Myrtle Beach area consistently rave about the region's local cooking style, often referred to as Carolina Coastal Cuisine. Utilizing a lot of the area's native ingredients, including a plethora of fresh-caught seafood, restaurants serving up Carolina Coastal Cuisine are always declared winners with couples and honeymooners. But there is plenty to enjoy beyond Myrtle Beach seafood. The restaurants below provide a great starting point to make sure that you and your loved one are never hungry while on in Myrtle Beach for your wedding or honeymoon.

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