On the Hook With Dylan Foster

The Places, Faces and Tales of Myrtle Beach Seafood

Join Dylan Foster as he explores the places, faces and tales of Myrtle Beach seafood. He will teach us how to prepare and cook seafood, meet with boat captains and chefs, and tell us the stories along the way. This is Dylan's seafood story and we're just living in it - right here in the Seafood Capital of South Carolina, Murrells Inlet. 


Check It Out! 

Ever wondered how to seafood gets to your plate or how to prepare and cook it? Look no further. Dylan Foster is here to show you some cool filet knife skills, the best ways to prepare fresh fish, and some life experience from working in the seafood industry. 

Meet Dylan Foster

Owner of Two Sons Seafood, Chef Dylan Foster knows his seafood. He's been around Myrtle Beach long enough to know how fresh the seafood really is here. From boat to plate, the best ingredients are used to make sure you enjoy every bite. When Dylan is not On The Hook, he is teaching cooking classes and hanging out with his family around the Grand Strand. 


Dylan Foster from on the hook