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5 Great Local Brews You Can Drink in Myrtle Beach

  By  Andre James

When it comes to savoring the essence of The Beach, there's no better way to do so than by indulging in the vibrant local beer scene. Nestled amid the sandy shores and captivating charm of this coastal paradise, Myrtle Beach's craft breweries are always crafting exceptional brews that embody the spirit of the region.

From crisp and refreshing lagers to hop-forward ales bursting with flavor, we've scoured the area to bring you a tantalizing list of the five best locally-brewed beers.

Join us on a journey through the pints and pours that epitomize Myrtle Beach's growing beer culture, each sip revealing the craft and passion poured into every glass.

You can taste all these great brews and many more on the Myrtle Beach Beer Trail — download your digital pass by clicking below or find out more about the trail here.

local's fav
New South cans of White Ale and India Pale Ale
1. New South Brewery

New South White Ale / 4.6% ABV

This American interpretation of a classic Belgian wheat ale is the "Beer From Here" that really put New South — and Myrtle Beach beer as a whole — on the map. A hazy light golden color gives this beer its name. This light and refreshing ale is brewed with just a hint of coriander and orange zest giving way to a citrus finish.

Crooked Hammock Light Beer poured into a glass
2. Crooked Hammock Brewery

Hammock Light Lager / 4.2% ABV

Pouring as golden as a the beachfront sunshine, Hammock Light Lager is smooth and perfectly accessible for visitors who aren't into the heavier or more hop-forward selections offered here. This is a great choice that's refreshing, extremely crushable and won't slow you down as you explore all The Beach has to offer. And if you're looking for something a little more unique, Crooked Hammock has that too. From the coconut-tinged South to Somewhere Golden Ale to Beach Escape Session IPA and Myrtle Peach Seasonal Wheat Ale, there's plenty of good brews to try here.

Tidal Creek Brewhouse
3. Tidal Creek Brewhouse

Pollywog Porter / 5.5% ABV

Trust me, it’s not the dark sludge it looks like. It’s Chocolatey and robust, almost velvety. This is something you’d drink in a London pub while watching Crystal Palace play Tottenham. You might spill the first pint after being elbowed in the back by a rowdy bunch of hooligans but by the third pint, you’ll be calling your friends “bruv”, referring to the bathroom as the “loo” and growing a fondness for Chicken Tikka Masala.

local's fav
Grand Strand Brewing Wingtip Lager
4. Grand Strand Brewing Company

Wingtip Pilsner / 4.5% ABV

These aren’t the wingtips Arnold Palmer wore when he used to whack balls down the fairway. Owner, Clayton Burrous is paying homage to the ubiquitous clunky white rubber boots worn by the local fisherman and shrimpers from Little River to Murrells Inlet, who scour the ocean, so that we can have our scampi and blackened catch of the day. When those summer days get hot and heavy, this light pilsner served ice cold is the idyllic elixir.

Glass of beer with Independent Republic logo on outdoor railing overlooking water
5. Independent Republic Brewing Co.

Water Malone American Wheat / 6.5% ABV

Swapping the “Melon” in “Watermelon” for “Malone”, as in the rapper/singer Post Malone is such clever wordplay I had to give this beer a try. If you’re a fan of Blue Moon, which emphasizes an orangey overtone, I’m willing to bet you’d like this American Wheat style beer that does the same thing, but with fresh watermelon that’s pureed, pasteurized, and added to each keg.  

Andre James

Andre James is a food writer originally from Southport, North Carolina. He's covered the Myrtle Beach dining scene for the Pulitzer Award winning Post & Courier and Eater Carolinas and also is the publisher of DIPPED IN NEON : The one and only A-Z guide on what to eat to when you're in your hungry in Myrtle Beach and at any given time you'll find him and his daughter Frankie eating hot wings on Ocean Boulevard.