Beach-Going Wheelchairs

In Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, and Surfside Beach, beach-going wheelchairs are available for use at no cost. These chairs are sturdy and come equipped with large balloon tires for maneuvering through soft sand. 

Myrtle Beach has a number of beach-going wheelchairs available for use at no cost on a first-come, first-served basis. The chairs are equipped with balloon tires and safety belts for people with disabilities. To acquire the use of one these wheelchairs, contact the Police Department communications desk at (843) 918-1488. Wheelchairs will be delivered to (and picked up from) your location by our community service officers between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., weather permitting. Use of the chairs is free, but we do require a photo identification. Wheelchairs are not available after 5:00 p.m. Note that all chairs may be in use at some times.

Myrtle Beach has 42 public beach access points (street ends, parks and other access points) that are accessible in varying degrees to people with physical disabilities. Here is the list of those public locations, from south to north.

  • 29th Avenue South (fully accessible)
  • 24th Avenue South (partially accessible)
  • 23rd Avenue South (partially accessible)
  • Hurl Rock Park at 20th Avenue South (fully accessible)
  • 19th Avenue South (partially accessible)
  • 17th Avenue South (partially accessible)
  • 16th Avenue South (partially accessible, has step at beach end)
  • 15th Avenue South (fully accessible)
  • 12th Avenue South (fully accessible)
  • 11th Avenue South (partially accessible)
  • Ninth Avenue South (fully accessible)
  • Seventh Avenue South (partially accessible)
  • Third Avenue South (fully accessible)
  • First Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • Second Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • Fourth Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • Seventh Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • Ninth Avenue North, north side of Plyler Park (fully accessible)
  • 11th Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 13th Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 1600 North Ocean Boulevard (fully accessible)
  • 1708 North Ocean Boulevard (partially accessible)
  • 1802 North Ocean Boulevard (fully accessible)
  • Anderson Park at 20th Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 2104 North Ocean Boulevard (partially accessible)
  • 2302 North Ocean Boulevard (partially accessible)
  • 25th Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 2504 North Ocean Boulevard (partially accessible)
  • 31st Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 34th Avenue North (partially accessible, has steps at beach end)
  • 38th Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 41st Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 44th Avenue North (partially accessible)
  • 47th Avenue North (partially accessible)
  • 48th Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 51st Avenue North (partially accessible)
  • 53rd Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • Gardens by the Sea, 5400 North Ocean Boulevard (fully accessible)
  • Seaside Place (fully accessible)
  • 64th Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 65th Avenue North (partially accessible)
  • 66th Avenue North (partially accessible, has steps at beach end)
  • 69th Avenue North (partially accessible, has steps at beach end)
  • 70th Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 75th Avenue North (partially accessible)
  • 76th Avenue North (partially accessible, has steps at beach end)

In North Myrtle Beach, wheelchairs are available Sunday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Beach Services Warehouse, 1024 6th Ave. South, directly behind the Midcou building. Reservations for wheelchairs are encouraged and can be made one year in advance. A beach wheelchair can be reserved for a maximum of one (1) week at a time.

Large vehicles are required to transport the chairs (SUV, van, or pickup truck). Delivery and pickup services are available for a $25 charge per service during the Summer season. For availability call Beach Services at (843) 663-8600.

Beach access for persons with disabilities are at the following locations: 

  • Main Street
  • Sea Mountain Hwy.
  • 4th Ave. N.
  • 6th Ave. S.
  • 9th Ave. S.
  • 15th Ave. S.
  • 17th Ave. S.
  • 21st Ave. S.
  • 27th Ave. S.
  • 39th Ave. S.
  • 46th Ave. S.

In Surfside Beach, wheelchairs are available to visitors staying within the city limits by calling (843) 913-6368 or visit the Surfside Beach Public Safety Department at 811 Pine Drive. Beach access for persons with disabilities are at the following locations:

  • 3rd Ave. N
  • Surfside Drive (at Surfside Pier)
  • Melody Lane

Click here for additional information regarding accessibility for persons with disabilities within the City of Myrtle Beach.

Click here to see a live webcam view of the beaches of the Grand Strand.