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On The Hook With Dylan Foster

The Places, Faces And Tales Of Myrtle Beach Seafood

Join Dylan Foster as he explores the places, faces and tales of Myrtle Beach seafood. He will teach us how to prepare and cook seafood, meet with boat captains and chefs, and tell us the stories along the way. This is Dylan's seafood story and we're just living in it - right here in the Seafood Capital of South Carolina, Murrells Inlet. 

Watch on the Myrtle Beach Eats Channel

Welcome to the Places, Faces and Tales of Myrtle Beach Seafood! | On the Hook

On the Hook is where you can find the answers to all your questions! How do I clean a fish? What seasonings should I use on grouper? Why does fish taste like this? What's life like as a shrimp boat captain? Learn all this and MORE from Dylan Foster, our seafood expert right here in the Seafood Capital of South Carolina. Trust us ... your cooking game will be changed forever. Check out for more!

How to Peel and Clean White Shrimp

Peeling a shrimp can be a mystery if you aren't familiar with all the tricks and tips! Dylan shows us the easy way to peel a shrimp and the tools that can help make it a breeze.

How to Cook a Scamp Grouper Sandwich

Dylan is cooking up a scamp grouper sandwich with a fresh brussel sprout slaw with red peppers and carrots on this episode of On the Hook! This recipe is perfect for a warm summer day to get dinner on the table fast and packed with flavor.

How to Cook a New Orleans Favorite, Crawfish Monica

It's spicy but packed with flavor - Chef Dylan is making Crawfish Monica, which he called Crawfish Angela after his wife. This dish is easy and comes together in minutes. You can also able to sub out shrimp or chicken if you don't have crawfish on hand. Try this New Orleans dish the next time you need to kick it into high gear in the kitchen!

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Meet Dylan Foster

Owner of Two Sons Seafood, Chef Dylan Foster knows his seafood. He's been around Myrtle Beach long enough to know how fresh the seafood really is here. From boat to plate, the best ingredients are used to make sure you enjoy every bite. When Dylan is not On The Hook, he is teaching cooking classes and hanging out with his family around the Grand Strand.