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Senior Visitors at a Spa in Myrtle Beach

Health and Wellness

Mend Your Body and Mind at The Beach

Being able to make healthy choices even during vacation is important to many people - and The Beach makes it easy to live a healthy lifestyle. With 60 miles of walkable beaches and fresh, salty air, you won't need to go far to get some outdoor exercise, even in the colder months. There are bike and walking trails around the area too, and plenty of watersports to get you exploring the great outdoors.

We have wonderful healthy restaurants throughout the Grand Strand that offer some of the freshest, local ingredients you can find. Explore Bay Naturals where you can get a nutritious lunch as well as any supplements and health foods in their grocery section. Or pick up a smoothie bowl or juice from Juice Crush

These treatment options are found in a region home to 60 miles of pristine, sandy beaches, a warm climate and great weather that is therapeutic  looking to enjoy a wonderful place to heal. Some of the most relaxing and stress-free environments are spas in the Myrtle Beach area. Leave your worries at the door and immerse yourself in a truly magnificent experience, whether you're receiving a mineral bath at The Awakening Spa, a paradise ritual wrap at The Cinzia Spa or a deep tissue massage at The Hibiscus Spa.

Spas in Myrtle Beach

Medical Travel to Myrtle Beach

Over the course of their lives, the majority of Americans will need some type of medical assistance, whether for major surgery, to help shed a few unwanted pounds or for other holistic healing needs. Of course, that doesn't mean a person's health and well-being stops when they leave the doctor's office or hospital. In many cases, a calm, soothing atmosphere provides the optimal and therapeutic healing experience.

A growing trend in both the United States and around the world is the increase in medical tourists. With the U.S.' reputation for having cutting-edge health care when it comes to treating serious illnesses, approximately 300,000 international patients come to this country each year. They want the best care possible from cardiologists, neurologists and oncologists.

In South Carolina, there are a number of regional healthcare facilities that all meet standards for strong performance within the state, according to current health rankings from the U.S. News and World Report. Centers like the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston and McLeod Health in Florence offer comprehensive care for everything ranging from cancer treatment and organ transplants, to physical rehabilitation and psychiatric services.

When thinking about receiving medical treatment in South Carolina, one should also consider a setting that is tranquil, peaceful and serene. The Beach offers top-notch care in a number of different areas, whether it is health and wellnessaddiction treatmentpreventative and integrative age management programsdiet and weight loss or body contouring. First-class services are provided at Grand Strand Medical CenterConway Medical Center, Tidelands Health and McLeod Health and many others.

Plus, there is an abundance of accommodations offering stress-free environments that are focused on a guest's overall well-being, healing and confidentiality. Transportation to the Myrtle Beach area is also easy with several carriers offering numerous flights to the Myrtle Beach International Airport.

So, when considering quality medical care in a peaceful surrounding conducive to recovery, look to the East Coast, and Myrtle Beach, S.C. For more information on medical tourism options, visit and