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Mini Golf

An Unforgettable Myrtle Beach Mini Golf Experience

Designers of mini (putt-putt) golf courses must enjoy their work, especially in Myrtle Beach. They have indulged their inner child and competed to out-do each other in creating 50 — count ’em, 50 — of the little lands of golf here. These are not your basic slow-windmill courses. You can see some common themes. Being near the ocean and in an area known at the turn of the 18th Century as a pirate hangout, we have our share of putt-putt courses featuring pirate and other ships and beautiful lagoons, plus a “deserted island” on which you crash land. How about a 40-foot-tall volcano? Or a Mayan temple? Or dinosaurs? Or gold and diamond mines? They are par for the course, here (sorry).

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