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Miniature Golf in Myrtle Beach

Welcome to the Mini Golf Captial of the World!

In Myrtle Beach, mini golf is not just a game—it's an epic adventure. With over 30 imaginative courses, players can putt through worlds of pirate ships, volcanoes, Mayan temples, and dinosaurs, where players' wildest fantasies spring to vibrant life.

This love affair with mini golf isn't new. It's rooted in a rich history of a dedication to the game for nearly 100 years, that's earned Myrtle Beach the title of "Mini Golf Capital of the World".

Here, tradition and creativity collide, making every game a memorable journey through the heart of mini golf's spirited legacy and a great family-friendly activity for you to enjoy on your trip!

Ripley's Crazy Golf family at golf pool table
The Big List
Every course by Theme
From pirates to dinosaurs and beyond, local guide Ashley Daniels breaks down the area's mini golf scene by theme.
mini golf players
Best of the Trail
Top Stops for Mini Golf
Local guide Shelbi Ankiewicz picks the best spots on the trail to start playing!
Sun Outdoors Mini Golf Course
Stay & Play
Resorts w/ On-Site Mini Golf
We explore the area's best hotels, resorts and campgrounds with on-site mini golf courses!
Kids playing mini golf at Jungle Safari course
Pro's Picks
Golfer shares Top Courses
Retired golf professional Normand Nadon breaks down his favorite courses on the Grand Strand.
Red Dragon Cove Mini Golf
Myrtle's Best
Best Courses in Myrtle Beach
We take a look at all the courses in the heart of Myrtle Beach and stack up where to play.
water fall at course
Putt North Myrtle
North Strand's Best Courses
The best courses on the north side of the Grand Strand include volcanos, dinosaurs, lost mines and more!
mini golf course with waterfall
South Strand Fun
Best of Surfside & Beyond
Check out the top mini golf courses in Surfside Beach, Garden City and Murrells Inlet!
Carpet Mini Golf at Gay Dolphin Amusement Park
Mini Golf History
Why we're the Golf Capital
Local historian Kathryn Hedgepath recaps from the early days of oceanfront carpet golf to modern day marvels.
PopStroke Myrtle Beach aerial of building and putting greens
What's New?
Check out PopStroke
A look at the experience and the history behind the new Tiger Woods-backed course at Broadway.
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Explore the Trail Today!

Get ready to tee off with your passport to more than 30 of the most fun miniature golf experiences around. Immerse yourself in exciting themed landscapes, from swashbuckling pirate adventures and tropical oases to glowing inter-dimensional challenges and out of the world encounters. Get our digital pass to unlock great discounts and one-of-a-kind rewards that will make you the coolest putt putt patron in town. Sign up for the FREE Myrtle Beach Mini Golf Trail pass today or click here for more details .