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Life's a Beach...and Then You Die

About the Show

Welcome to Life's a Beach, and Then You Die, a look at the ups and downs of the human experience. From personal growth and self-discovery to challenges and victories, we discuss it all. Join us as we dive into the extraordinary stories of ordinary people, and learn from their journeys to find inspiration in our own…all the way to the end.

Recent Episodes

Life's A Beach Podcast Show Art
25: Michael Warner: How I Turned Tragedy Into Triumph
June 20, 2024
39 min
In this episode, Michael Warner shares what it’s like to have your entire life change in an instant. After a tragic car accident leaves him completely paralyzed, Michael spent the next several years relearning to walk and eventually run again. With his beloved Shelley by his side, he discovered a resilience he never knew he had, finding joy and reclaiming a good life. However, about a year ago, tragedy struck once more.
Life's A Beach Podcast Show Art
24: Bo Bryan: How I Became a Father and Poet Laureate
June 5, 2024
31 min
In this podcast episode, Bo Bryan, a celebrated writer, delves into his family's deep roots in Myrtle Beach, his battle with undiagnosed dyslexia, the vibrant days spent in New York City, and his experience as a father. Reflecting on his life and writing career, he shares his story and role as Myrtle Beach's poet laureate.
Life's A Beach Podcast Show Art
23: Mike Oglesbee: How I Turned my Life Around
April 10, 2024
38 min
In this podcast episode of Life's a Beach and Then You Die, the host interviews Mike Oglesbee, a mindset coach, author, speaker, and podcaster, who shares his personal and transformative journey. Mike discusses his struggles with self-esteem, depression, and the dark places he has been in mentally but also how he turned his life around. It's not easy changing your life and mindset but Mike did it and this episode explores how.

Meet the Hosts

Julie Ellis
Julie Ellis

Julie Ellis is passionate story teller who is fascinated by her fellow humans. Fueled by curiosity, compassion and concern, she draws out the stories that shape the lives of each person she interviews for "Life's a Beach and Then You Die."