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I Speak Mama Podcast

I Speak Mama Podcast

About the Show

Jen and Shannon are passionate about exploring the multifaceted experiences of motherhood. In I Speak Mama they dive deep into the realities and complexities that encompass the journey of being a mom. In each episode, they tackle the highs and lows of motherhood, creating a safe space for mamas everywhere to engage in honest and relatable conversations. They discuss the realities that all moms face but seldom talk about openly. Whether you are an expecting mom, a new mom, or someone who has been on this journey for years, I Speak Mama is here to remind you that you are not alone. 

Recent Episodes

I Speak Mama podcast show art
17: Celebrating Family Milestones
May 2, 2024
33 min
The school year is coming to a close, and for Jen, that means that kindergarten is fast approaching. In this episode, Jen and Shannon discuss their recent family milestones, including preschool graduation, preparing for the new school year, summer camps, and more. Also, listen for a new segment called “Mama’s Done,” where Jen and Shannon talk about the parenting things they’ve just about had enough of.
I Speak Mama podcast show art
16: Let’s Talk About Babysitters
March 28, 2024
39 min
Whether it’s a date night out with the hubby or a couple of hours in the afternoon to get some work done, babysitters can be a super helpful tool for us mamas. In this episode, Jen and Shannon spill the tea about what they expect from their babysitters and why having one handy is always a good idea. Listen to hear how Jen never babysat as a teenager and why Shannon doesn't trust delivery services with her food.
I Speak Mama podcast show art
15: Hacking Motherhood: Life Hacks Every Mom Needs to Know
March 7, 2024
44 min
The moms are back and ready to dive into some of their favorite life hacks. Some are crazy, and some are outright genius, but both Jen and Shannon agree that a good hack can be a game changer when it comes to being a mom. Listen to hear why Jen gives her teething baby an electric toothbrush and what Shannon recommends to do to make morning routines a little bit easier.

Meet the Hosts

Jen Brunson Family Photo

One of the hosts of I Speak Mama, Jen Brunson, is a local Myrtle mom to her two sons, Colton and Nolan. 

Shannon and her family.

Second half of the I Speak Mama duo, Shannon Furtick is a local Myrtle mom to her two sons, Gabriel and Grayson.