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Twelve Beach Necessities for Babies and Toddlers

  By  Nora Battle

Twelve Beach Necessities for Babies and Toddlers

If you’re headed to Myrtle Beach—or any beach—with a little one in tow, it’s easy to have an enjoyable day in the sun with some extra planning and packing. While it may require more than a book, water bottle and tote bag, the extra effort is well worth the reward of family memories you’ll treasure forever. Here is a roundup of twelve baby and toddler beach essentials that will make any seaside outing with a little one both fun and successful.  

  1. Large Beach Tote: And the more children you have, the larger the tote should be! Lugging more than one bag can be a drag, literally. The bigger the tote, the more likely you’ll be able to fit everything into one trip from the car to the beach.
  2. Swimsuit + Rashguard: This one is obvious. If you have the room, pack an extra, because you just never know. A rash guard or sun shirt also makes a great addition for added sun protection—many available in stores today have SPF included!
  3. Dry Change of Clothes + Bag for Wet Clothes: Being able to separate wet clothes from dry clothes is important, especially if you’re planning to be outdoors all day. A dry change of clothes for the trip home is critical.
  4. Swim Diapers: Diaper swelling is no fun. Swim diapers are easy, affordable and help ensure hours of fun in the water.
  5. Sun Hat: A must for protecting baby’s sensitive skin from harsh summer sun.
  6. Sunscreen: Sun protection for baby’s sensitive skin is the number one priority when packing for any beach trip. A baby-friendly sunscreen will keep sunburn at bay, while an adult-friendly sunscreen should be on hand for parents!
  7. Sunglasses: Help protect little one’s eyes with a pair of baby sunglasses. Make sure that whichever pair you pick is UVA and UVB protected.
  8. Water Shoes: For those that are early walkers, water shoes can help keep baby steady on the stand. They also protect against any sharp shells.
  9. Hooded Towel:  Also a necessity for those splashing in and out of the water. A hooded towel helps baby dry off quickly while sitting cozy in your lap.
  10. Baby Beach Cabana: A baby beach cabana is both compact and super easy to assemble. If you’re planning a full day on the beach, they’re a necessity so baby can nap in the shade or simply take a break from the sun.
  11. Toys: Beach toys are a necessity if you want to spend a full day on the beach. They’ll help keep baby busy in the shade while you spend a little extra time in the sun.
  12. Snacks + Water: A necessity for both parents and baby. Staying hydrated while in the sun is important and having snacks on hand keep everyone happy. 
Nora Battle

As a lifelong South Carolinian and nearly lifelong Grand Strand resident, Nora Battle knows there is lots to love about the Myrtle Beach area. She is a full-time stay-at-home mom to two boys, ages 3 and 6 months, and a part time travel contributor for Visit Myrtle Beach. She’s passionate about all things Myrtle Beach, and knowledgeable about what makes the destination such a smart choice for families. Nora especially enjoys dining out, bargain hunting, and spending time outdoors adventuring with her children, husband (also a Grand Strand native) and her two dogs.