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New Year's Eve Celebration will Feature a Drone Light Show

  By  Kathryn Hedgepath

Ring in the New Year in Myrtle Beach style

A Southern Times Square celebrates its first decade at The Market Common this year.  Click here for all of the details.  Literally pulled together in two weeks at its inception (read about that remarkable story here), the epic outdoor New Year’s Eve party has become a beloved Myrtle Beach tradition.  And this year there will be a drone light show!

Named in the Guiness Book of World Records for having the most drones used in the air at the same time in one show (the number was 1000), Sky Elements will bring their drone magic to A Southern Times Square, making its 10th Anniversary one to remember.  So what is a drone light show?  According to Sky Elements, it’s “a captivating aerial display that utilizes a fleet of drones, each fitted with brilliant LED lights, to create mesmerizing patterns, shapes, and animations in the sky.”  I for one can’t wait to see it. 

And there is so much more.  Almost synonymous with ringing in the new year in Myrtle Beach is enjoying a live concert by dare I say the most popular local band, Painted Man.  They bring funk, rock, soul, and R&B to the stage that permeates throughout the crowd making it impossible not to have a good time. 

Their stage will be located on Reed Street in front of Barnes & Noble.  That’s also the best place to see the drone show and the ball-drop.  A beer garden and other vendors will be located on Howard Avenue.  While the official kickoff is at 9 PM, guests can enter as early as 8:30 PM to enjoy those vendors and a DJ. 

For the younger set, there will be children’s activities available.  For those of legal drinking age (bring your photo ID), there will be beer, wine and bubbly.  You will find the best prices inside the event, $7 each.  Purveyors of these libations within the event include 810 Billiards and Bowling, and Co Sushi.  They will accept cash and cards.  Gordon Biersch Brewery and Restaurant, and King Street Grille will accept cash only. 

810 Billiards and Bowling will also be offering their specialty homemade chili to keep you warm while we’re counting down the hours.  To enhance the festive spirit of the event, FiestaKids MB will be serving funnel cakes, fried Oreos, fried cheesecake, cotton candy, popcorn, candy apples, and non-alcoholic beverages.  Remember, your resolutions don’t kick in until after midnight, so treat yourself. 

And what’s a New Year’s Eve party without party hats and noisemakers?  An underdressed one is what that is.  So Nailed It DIY will be selling those necessary accoutrements along with glow sticks, a keepsake ornament and more.  They and the food vendors will be accepting both cash and cards. 

Then, at midnight, the large, well-lit disco ball (that once graced Myrtle Beach’s Hard Rock Park) will be lowered.  That will all be taken to the next level with that drone show.  This really is the place to be on New Year’s Eve in Myrtle Beach. 


You can’t buy them, they have no monetary value, but you must have one to get in.  Everyone over two-years-old must have a complimentary ticket.

The ticket-acquisition process commences the day after Christmas at The Market Common.  Simply make a purchase of at least $25 at a store, entertainment venue, eatery (tax and tip included), or one of their tenants who provide services at The Market Common (see below).  The receipt must reflect a $25 purchase during a single visit (you can’t add receipts from several visits).  Bring that ORIGINAL (no copies) receipt to The Market Common Management Office at 4017 Deville Street which is across from Crepe Creation Café, near Barnes & Noble, from 8 AM to 5 PM, December 26th to 30th, and 8 AM to 11:45 PM on the 31st.  For each $25 spent, a ticket will be given.  There is no limit to the amount of money spent and the number of tickets received, within reason, of course. Everyone is encouraged to get their tickets as early as possible. 

Keep in mind that all sales are final for the purchases on the receipts that are used to acquire tickets.  Ask your sales clerk about their exchange policy or the option of getting a gift card instead if your item doesn’t work out for you in the new year.  

If you don’t have time to shop or eat that week, buy a gift card.  What a lot of people do is buy gift cards from the restaurants that would like to dine at on New Year’s Eve, early in the week.  Then their whole celebration is planned and paid for in advance.  Don’t forget to make reservations at your restaurant of choice, because that is literally their busiest night of the year. 

If you are not arriving in Myrtle Beach until New Year’s Eve, you can get a friend to make the purchases and get your tickets for you.  If that is not an option for you, come to The Market Common, have a meal, shop or just buy a gift card that night.  The Market Common staff will be receiving those receipts and giving out the tickets up until 11:45 PM. 

Here is a partial list of the participants who will be staying open later:

8:00 PM: Manifest Design 10:00 PM: Grand 14 10:00 PM: Uncommon Chocolatier 10:30 PM: Escape Vault 11:00 PM: Zardin
12:00 AM: Cold Stone Creamery 12:00 AM: 810 Billiards and Bowling 12:00 AM: CO Sushi 12:00 AM: Crepe Creation Cafe 12:00 AM: Gordon Biersch 12:00 AM: P.F. Chang’s 12:00 AM: Travinia Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar 12:00 AM: Tupelo Honey
 2:00 AM: King Street Grille


This can be confusing to everyone, even locals.  What was once the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base property from 1954 to 1993, is now the Market Common District.  The privately-owned company that hosts and underwrites A Southern Times Square is The Market Common.  That’s the part of the district where the movie theater, many of the stores and restaurants, and the apartments above those stores and restaurants are.  The Market Common is bordered by Farrow Parkway and Johnson Avenue, and Phillis Boulevard and Hackler Street.  There are other restaurants, stores and services throughout the district, but only the tenants of The Market Common are eligible to participate in the ticket program.  Please be sure you are in the right place by going to The Market Common website where the stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, and the other tenants are listed.


 There will be free parking in the parking decks, in the parking lots and on the streets that are not being used for the festivities.  As someone who attends this event year after year, I can assure you that there is a bit of a traffic jam after midnight when everyone exits at the same time.  Your best option, if you don’t use a transportation service like taxis, Uber or bring your whole group—large or small-- with the help of Carolina Limousine and Coach, you can park on the other side of Grand Lake at Grand Park. There are large lots there that are only a ten-minute walk away.  And The Market Common provides a shuttle from those lots to A Southern Times Square for free. 


This is a clear-bag event.  If your things are not in your pockets or in a clear bag, you WILL NOT be admitted into the event. 

Please leave your pets at home.  They will not be allowed. 

Other things that will not be allowed are weapons, outside food or drink, and chairs.  There will be a lot of revelers that night and The Market Common wants to make sure that everyone has a safe, fun, memorable time. 


Kathryn Hedgepath

Myrtle Beach native, Kathryn Hedgepath, loves to share her hometown’s history with visitors and newcomers to the Grand Strand.  She is the creator and narrator of the Myrtle Beach History Trolley and Step-On Tours, and the author of the book, Myrtle Beach Movies, that tells the stories behind the motion pictures that were made or premiered in Myrtle Beach.  She has traveled in 40 countries on 6 continents and uses her experience to convey our local history through a world lens. Kathryn returned home from NYC in 2002 to marry her beloved husband, Jenks, after a career in television and publishing (and even worked in Space Shuttle Operations at NASA Headquarters in DC for a semester before starting grad school at Georgetown University).  Her first career job was as Personal Assistant to television icon and wildlife expert, Jim Fowler, of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom fame. Her dad, Myrtle Beach’s first veterinarian, arranged the job interview when Jim Fowler came to Myrtle Beach for a speaking appearance at a veterinary conference in 1991.