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Myrtle Beach Golf Cart Rules


Myrtle Beach Golf Cart Rules

Welcome to the beach, we’re glad to have you! If you are staying at one of the area's finest hotels here on the strand who offer “rent me” golf carts or are a new resident to the area, here are the latest rules for golf carts in Myrtle Beach.

License Your Cart

For new residents to the Myrtle Beach area, first and foremost, the golf cart must be licensed, permitted and insured with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles and may not be driven on primary highways more than four miles from your residence.

No Driving After Dark

You may not drive them after dark in the city of Myrtle Beach or surrounding cities. Here in South Carolina that means a half hour after sunset and a half hour prior to sunrise.

Must Be 16 Years Old

No minors may drive golf carts. Drivers must be at least sixteen years old and have a valid driver’s license. Student drivers under the age of sixteen with a driving permit are not able to drive golf carts on any public streets in Myrtle Beach. While it is tempting for anyone to drive golf carts, please be mindful of the rules in place.

Watch Your Speed

Drivers of golf carts may not drive in areas where the speed limit is over 35 MPH. No golf carts may be driven on any walking trails, this includes paths along the beach, or sidewalks in front of the hotels where you are staying or in housing communities throughout the Myrtle Beach area.

These laws are strictly enforced by our wonderful police force. Parents are encouraged to discourage their children from driving golf carts. Children under the age of sixteen cannot operate a golf cart, even with a parent present in the cart.

Please keep these rules handy, your safety very important to a happy vacation at The Beach!