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Celebrate the Loris Bog-Off Festival

  By  Ashley Daniels

A Community Tradition About Everyone's Favorite Dish

Saturday, October 21, 2023, will mark the 44th year that Loris, South Carolina, has hosted the ever-popular Loris Bog-Off Festival, located right around the corner from downtown Myrtle Beach!

The festival, sponsored by the Loris Chamber of Commerce, happens on the third Saturday in October every year in downtown Loris. While the fun, family-friendly event initially began as a chicken bog cooking competition, it has transformed into a huge celebration over the past four decades. The thousands of attendees that go now get to experience an entire day packed with entertainment, vendors, food, and fun for all ages. 

People cooking a big pot of chicken bog at Loris bog off

Chicken bog remains the star of the festival, however. The regional dish is delicious and consists of chicken, rice, sausage, onions and spices that vary from chef to chef. There are many variations and takes on this basic recipe but they generally have one thing in common: they’re all good. Attendees can find plates of the mouth-watering Southern dish at a reasonable price while perusing over 200 vendors, two stages of entertainment (featuring local dance schools, school choruses, and local bands) and a huge children’s area. See the line up of the Main Stage Events for more info on entertainment. 

There is a lot to love about this festival. Certainly, being able to visit and spend time in Loris, South Carolina, is always a treat. It’s a lovely small town located slightly inland from the Grand Strand’s coastline and offers a lot of traditional Southern charm to visitors. Learn more about the restaurants and small-town love that make this Grand Strand community unique by checking out our blog post on Loris

Crowd Walking around at the Loris bog-off

If you plan on attending, make sure you check out our events calendar before you come. There are lots of events that happen during the month of October, so you may be able to incorporate more than one festival or special event into your itinerary. I’d also be sure to bring some cash along to this festival. While many vendors take cards, you still may need cash for a few things I wanted in past years. For more information on the Loris Bog-Off Festival, visit the Loris Chamber of Commerce’s website or the Loris Bog-Off Festival Facebook page.

Ashley Daniels

Ashley Daniels of Myrtle Beach is a full-time freelance writer, editor, wife, and mother of three sons (not necessarily in that order), and two fur babies. A native of Eastern PA, Ashley received her bachelor’s in English Writing from the University of Pittsburgh and her MA in Writing from Coastal Carolina University. Today, her folio boasts nearly 25 years of regional and nationally published printed magazine features, blogs, and web copy for a lineup of clients on the East Coast, and ADDY award-winning copywriting. For more info, visit