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Theatres and Shows

The Myrtle Beach area has so many kinds of live entertainment it’s like Broadway with 60 miles of sandy beach! (We even have an area, over 350 acres of shopping, dining, and entertainment we call Broadway.) It all started in 1986, when Calvin Gilmore and the Carolina Opry pioneered theater in Myrtle Beach, starting our community on its way to being a hotspot for live family entertainment. Now our live shows include music — including celebrity concerts and great cover bands — dance, comedy, magic, seasonal acts, pirates and medieval knights, some with dinner.

Greg Rowles Legacy Theater Greg on stage with guitar
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If you’re looking for a great date night idea or even a fun family dining experience, these Myrtle Beach theaters have it all.
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Frequently Asked Questions on Theatres and Shows

What are some popular dinner shows in Myrtle Beach?

Some popular dinner shows in Myrtle Beach include Pirates Voyage and Medieval Times

Are there any Broadway-style shows in Myrtle Beach?

Yes, there are several Broadway-style shows in Myrtle Beach, including The Carolina Opry and Alabama Theatre.

What is the dress code for shows in Myrtle Beach?

The dress code for shows in Myrtle Beach is typically casual or business casual. However, some shows may have a specific dress code, so it's best to check ahead of time.

Are there any family-friendly shows in Myrtle Beach?

Yes, there are many family-friendly shows in Myrtle Beach, such as Legends in Concert, the Pirates Voyage dinner show, and the Medieval Times dinner show.

How long do shows in Myrtle Beach typically last?

The length of shows in Myrtle Beach can vary, but most shows are around 2 hours long.