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Life's a Beach...and Then You Die Podcast

Life's a Beach...and Then You Die

Gary Alexander: How I Overcame the Odds as an Abandoned Teen

May 10, 2023
37 min
Country music artist Gary Alexander spent most of his childhood in a poor upstate South Carolina town. He was just a teenager when his mother died suddenly, and soon after, his alcoholic father left him to his own devices. With no other path open before him, he made his way to Myrtle Beach, and what unfolded is a story of courage, hard work, and a little bit of luck. By chance, Gary wound up at a Gatlin Brothers concert in the 1990’s, and that encounter inspired a career which, in time, would put Gary on the same stage as the Gatlin’s themselves! Gary’s is a gut-wrenching story of forgiveness for a father who destroyed so much yet also inspired a successful career.
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Life's a Beach...and Then You Die

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