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The Myrtle Beach area is the jewel of South Carolina and is nestled along the mid-Atlantic region of the eastern United States. With 60 miles of beautiful beaches and an average year-round temperature of 25° Celsius, the Myrtle Beach area is a great place to spend your next holiday in the United States.

American holidaymakers have long been very familiar with the delights of the Myrtle Beach area but can no longer keep the secret from international visitors who, in increasing numbers, are now finding this stretch of the South Carolina coast.

As a family destination, the Myrtle Beach area can rival many Florida resorts, not only for its beaches and water sports, but also for the high standards of entertainment, golfdining, and shopping. The long hours of sunshine keep holidaymakers on the beach but after dark, the Myrtle Beach area nightlife buzzes with restaurant conversation, dancing, and shows. A major claim for the Myrtle Beach area is that it is safe and that is borne out by the numbers of retired people and families with children who flock here every year and return again and again.

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Getting to the Myrtle Beach Area

Getting here is easier than ever via the Myrtle Beach International Airport. Myrtle Beach International Airport is well-equipped and accessible via a number of US east-coast gateway options - click here to see flight options.

What to Wear

Think light when holidaying in the Myrtle Beach area. Summer temperatures mean light clothing is all that is required, while just a light jacket or sweater is adequate for the days or evenings in spring or autumn. Only slightly heavier clothes are needed for a winter visit.


International visitors who have visited Florida will find the hotel rates' seasons reversed further up the coast in South Carolina. The winter is low season in the Myrtle Beach area, with June to August designated as the high season when accommodations rates are significantly higher.

A holiday stay in the Myrtle Beach area offers a variety of price points and options.  Hotels range from simple, clean and comfortable value accommodations to luxurious oceanfront suites with full amenities.  Accommodation options for the holidaymaker seeking that little extra independence are picturesque campsites, apartments, houses, condos, and cottages to rent.

Click here for Myrtle Beach Hotels and Motels, and other lodging options.

Warm Southern Welcome - Myrtle Beach Style Something that many visitors remark upon is the traditional warm southern welcome they receive in the Myrtle Beach area, whether from smiling hotel receptionists or from restaurant staff. The recipe for a memorable Myrtle Beach area holiday comes automatically with two special ingredients - southern charm and southern hospitality.

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