Meetings & Conventions Sales Contacts

Cynthia (Cyndi) Mohr
Senior Sales Manager
843-916-7267 | Toll-Free 800-488-8998 | E-mail Me
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Lori Lampo
Meetings & Conventions Sales Manager
843-916-7299 | Toll-Free 800-488-8998 | E-mail Me
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Lisa Saguto
Assistant Sales Manager
843-916-7247 | Toll-Free 800-488-8998 | E-mail Me
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Taylor Sellers
Sports/Meeting & Convention Assistant Sales Manager
843-916-7266 | Toll-Free 800-488-8998 | E-mail Me
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Melanie Doty
Specialty Market Sales Manager
843-685-8585 | E-mail Me
Specialty Markets include: family reunions, military units, fraternal, social, religious and weddings
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Denise Cmiel
Midwestern Account Manager
630-534-6040 | E-mail Me
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Kimberly Hartley
Canadian/International Account Manager
905-582-9252 | E-mail Me
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