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Our focus for this Special Focus MORNING PROGRAM will be the often under-appreciated avian scavengers, vultures. How can they eat rotting meat without getting sick? Why don’t they have feathers on their heads? Meet our native vultures up close and personal during a scavenger focused flight demonstration. Learn about how declines in vultures around the world are impacting human health. Learn what you can do to protect the vultures in your neighborhood. Watch the social interaction of black vultures and turkey vultures at our “Vulture Restaurant.”

During this Special Focus Program, visitors to the MORNING PROGRAM will be immersed in the world of owls. Visitors will have the opportunity to view 14 species of owls on display as well as in free flight during an all owl demonstration. A variety of activities for owl lovers of all ages will include: - Close encounters with owls on the gloves of our education staff - Hands on activities with owl "bio-artifacts" - Owl pellet dissections - An introduction to owl vocalization - "Owl in the Wood" flight demonstrations with up-close flyovers by several owls