Myrtle Beach Karaoke

With Julio Navarro

The Spontaneous Singing Show where YOU are the Star!

Ever wanted to sing in the mic? Now's your chance! Myrtle Beach Karaoke is hosted by The Beach's favorite human jukebox, Julio Navarro, a multi-talented musician with more than 20 years of playing live music in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. His goal is to challenge everyday visitors to sing along to their favorite songs and show what they've got on the microphone. Along the way we'll tour the beach's best places, discover some great live music spots, and meet some of the most colorful characters on the coast. Who knows ... we may even find the next big singing star right here at The Beach!


Meet Julio!

Julio Navarro has been performing up and down the Grand Strand for 20 years and plays hundreds of shows each year as part of the group Julio & The Saltines.

Originally from Delaware, he originally migrated south to attend Coastal Carolina University, got hooked on playing music at The Beach and never looked back. Rumor has it, he may know how to sing and play more songs than anyone on earth (or at least The Grand Strand) as he is known to carry around a 3-ring binder full of songs, ready to play at a moment's notice.

When he's not entertaining crowds — which is rarely — he is a husband and dad to two children, he bleeds green for Philadelphia Eagles football and loves to hang out at the beach! 



Where's Julio? 

Julio wanders around Myrtle Beach with his guitar, and he was just spotted at a Pelican baseball game! See if you can find him in his next location to be on the next episode of Myrtle Beach Karaoke!