Nitro Circus Next Level Tour

Jun 19, 2018

  • Venue: Field at Pelicans Ballpark
  • Address: 1251 21st Avenue North, Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Time: 7:00 PM

 Nitro Circus, the global youth entertainment phenomenon,  returns  to  North  America  this  year  with  the  epic  Next  Level  Tour.  This  spectacular  brand  new  production, the ultimate full‐moto show ever seen, will have death‐defying tricks, jaw‐dropping world  firsts and absurd stunts. It all adds up to a thrilling show simply too big to fit indoors. 

The high‐octane excitement of Nitro Circus: the Next Level Tour is coming to Field at  Pelicans Ballpark on Tuesday, June 19. Tickets are available starting Friday, January 26 at 10:00 AM,  and can be purchased at 

Brainchild of Travis Pastrana ‐ global superstar, action sports icon and Nitro Circus ringleader –the Next  Level Tour features the best athletes in action sports taking on the biggest ramps in the world. The Nitro  Circus design team has put it all on the line with this show doubling down on the risk factor. The FMX  Next Level takeoff ramp alone, towering 15‐feet above the show floor (five feet taller than anything  toured before) launches riders more than 60‐feet into the sky. The lander also looms large, standing 23 feet high.

As if they needed more motivation, every night Nitro’s athletes will battle in a full throttle Next Level  Series FMX competition. For the first time, Nitro Circus will host an in‐show competition to find out just  who is the gnarliest rider on the planet. At each tour stop a panel of judges will determine a winner with  the overall champion crowned at the end of the tour. While cash prizes are on the line, bragging rights  are truly the top prize for this crew.   

In addition to pushing FMX to its limits, one Nitro Circus’ daredevil will go airborne on a 450‐pound  snowmobile while a new cast of hilarious characters will take stupid to an entirely different level,  flipping motorized contraptions too ridiculous to be believed. 

Also new for 2018, Myrtle Beach fans can also get up close and personal with the Nitro crew thanks to  the Nitro VIP Club package. In addition to having premiere seats, VIP Club pass holders will now have  the chance to take a behind the scenes look at the show with an exclusive pre‐show track walk. VIP  Club pass holders also have the opportunity to meet some of the riders during an autograph signing  session, receive a souvenir poster and get a chance to win cool Nitro Circus swag.