Medieval Times yellow knight giving favor to yellow supporters

Her Majesty invites you to her tables for feasting and an epic medieval tournament.

Dine on a four course dinner fit for Royalty and brace yourself for approximately two hours of heart pounding excitement. You’ll see lance-shattering jousting, clashing swordsmanship, thrilling hand-to-hand combat, displays of extraordinary horsemanship and falconry as part of an unforgettable experience.

After a night at the Castle, you may feel a little hoarse (get it? 'horse!') from all the cheering, you’ll find yourself using every utensil and broom stick as a sword for the next six months and you’ll be referring to people as ‘my lord’ and ‘my lady’! All of these are natural side effects of rigorous cheering, an epic night of revelry and an indication of a great time had by all. See you at the castle soon!

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