Anytime is a great time to visit the Myrtle Beach area, but there is so much going on Memorial Day weekend, you’ll have a much better visit if you know what to expect. There will be many events this holiday weekend, including the Atlantic Beach Bikefest, Memorial Day parades and the Sun Belt Conference, that will bring a lot of visitors to the area. To that end, during Memorial Day weekend, May 24 - 27, there will be special traffic adjustments to accommodate Atlantic Bike Week participants as well as our many vacationers. Here’s what you need to know to help you navigate the area and have a fun and safe holiday weekend.

Memorial Weekend Traffic Information

Memorial Day Weekend 2019 Traffic MapThere will be traffic adjustments and road closures during Memorial Day Weekend to help keep traffic moving and everyone safe. Everyone will have access to their hotels and attractions but should plan accordingly for traffic.

Beginning Friday at 6 a.m., in the City of Myrtle Beach, Ocean Boulevard will be closed to northbound traffic, except emergency vehicles, between 29th Avenue North to South Ocean Boulevard and Kings Highway intersection.

There will also be a traffic pattern in place during Memorial Day weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. in the City of Myrtle Beach. The one-way, 23-mile pattern will begin at 29th Avenue North and Ocean Boulevard, then moves south to Kings Highway near the Myrtle Beach Airport, up Harrelson Boulevard to U.S. 501, onto northbound S.C. 31, down southbound Robert Grissom Parkway to U.S. Highway 17 Bypass, and back onto Ocean Boulevard.

During the traffic pattern’s off hours, drivers can only access Ocean Boulevard at any Kings Highway intersection with a traffic light. However, four avenues — 8th Avenue North, 16th Avenue North, 6th Avenue South and 17th Avenue South — will be closed off for emergency use only.

Memorial Weekend Airport Information

During the Memorial Day holiday weekend, entry to the Myrtle Beach International Airport after 9:00 PM will be limited due to a traffic diversion route which will impact the area surrounding the airport. All airport passengers and those individuals picking up or dropping off passengers must access the airport as follows:

Airport Entry

  • Use the Harrelson Boulevard exit off of 17 Bypass North only.
  • Harrelson Boulevard to Jetport Road (main entrance).
  • Airport passengers coming south on 17 Bypass must turn around at the next available intersection to enter at the Harrelson Boulevard entrance from US 17 Bypass North.

Airport Exit

  • Jetport Road to south Harrelson Boulevard
  • Harrelson Boulevard south to South Kings Highway
  • Visitors traveling to the north city limits or the North Myrtle Beach area will take South Kings Highway to Farrow Parkway or 544 to 17 Bypass North.

Additional Memorial Day Weekend Resources