Ripley’s Aquarium has added a brand new exhibit, featuring a creature that both terrifies and fascinates: jellyfish. The new exhibit is welcoming with a color-changing entrance, leading into a room with lit columns and tanks, which make the jellies glow.

The Planet Jellies display features 9 tanks, boasting over 5,000 gallons of water, requiring 4 different operating systems. Within the new area, there are five different types of jellyfish to learn about, and observe: Moon Jelly, Pacific Sea Needle, Spotted Lagoon Jelly, Atlantic Sea Needle, and the Upside-Down Jelly.

The new exhibit also has an area to touch a jellyfish—we have to admit, we didn’t know it was possible to touch a jellyfish without being stung, so this was our favorite part. The jellies that can be touched are moon jellies, which you can see by the shape on their top, which turns out to be the only place you can pet them.

While here in the Myrtle Beach area, we highly recommend this newest exhibit at Ripley’s Aquarium!