Pawley’s Island Hammock Shops

One of my favorite things about a beach vacation is all the fun little shops that are tucked away into the canopy of palmetto trees or gorgeous oaks. This is exactly what we found at the infamous Pawley’s Island Hammock Shops.

Of course you have to start your journey at the shop that started it all – the Hammock Shop itself. While sampling the comfortable swings and lazy hammocks is wonderful (beware: you may never want to leave), take a moment to duck into the Weaving Shop. There – if you can catch him – will be a hammock weaver whose been working for over a decade on the masterful art of weaving a hammock. As if that wasn’t enough entertainment, the walls of the tiny shack are lined with postcards and letters from admiring fans the world over – including a couple celebrities if you’re looking closely.

Beyond the hammocks, though, there’s tons more to explore, from shoe shops to beachwear to nautical homegoods to – my personal favorite – a Christmas shop. I love preparing for Christmas like most people love the adored day itself. I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something about decorating my home that gets me in that positive spirit of the season, so I just keep accumulating Noel-themed items in the hope of prolonging the task. The packed walls of the Christmas Mouse are a great stop to find just the Santa ornament or snowman sign you can’t live without. If you’re a fanatic like me, you’ll find yourself struggling for extra room in the suitcase.