A couple weeks ago, we went to the brand new Savannah’s Playground at the Market Common in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for the park’s grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony. To say the gathering was heartwarming is an understatement. It was a perfect morning made up of beautiful weather, beautiful people and a beautiful community coming together to celebrate the realization of a dream long in the works.

Savannah’s Playground—a project of Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes, several area legislators, business people and community members—is unique because it is an enabling playground. It features all ADA-approved playground equipment designed to provide children of all abilities the opportunity to get outside and play AND is the first of its kind here in the Southeast.

The playground is named after Savannah Thompson, a 20-year-old Myrtle Beach native with Williams Syndrome. Thompson has never allowed her disabilities to hinder her ability to have an energetic, full and optimistic life, and her gift of inspiring others played a huge role in the fundraising, planning and construction of the playground.

The three million dollar, multi-acre park features an early childhood playground, school age playground, interactive playground, harmony music park, challenge ropes, ziplining, and more. It’s open to everyone, and Myrtle Beach officials hope the park is something both Myrtle Beach residents and the millions of visitors that travel here each year will take advantage of and enjoy.

Savannah’s Playground is wheelchair friendly AS WELL AS sensory friendly, and its mission is to promote the development of a barrier-free, bias-free world for all children with special needs. From the swings to the music park, Savannah’s Playground encourages ALL people to play, interact, and act like a kid—and for those traveling to the Myrtle Beach area, it’s a great activity to add to any vacation.

Update: While a large portion of the park is complete, the next phases will include a splash pad where children can play in recycled water, an area where they can fish off the pier, and paddleboats that are especially equipped to accommodate a wheelchair. So much to look forward to!