The Scarlett O’Hara Feel of the Grand Strand

The states below the Mason Dixon line were once known for their rich culture of hoop skirts and large-columned plantations and streets with gentleman who opened doors for ladies. Sadly, many of the large Gone with the Wind-like plantations over the years have been torn down or are in disrepair.

Though there is a little secret: many plantations that have been converted to private residences can still be viewed by boat.

That’s where I was recently: glimpsing of the glamorous and not-so-glamorous life on a plantation via a Plantation River Tour. We started our journey at the Wacha Wachee Marina on the Waccamaw River, past Sandy Island and then Brookgreen Gardens, where many former rice fields are still viewable.

Once we made it to the Pee Dee River, one former plantation house after another came into view. I was immediately brought back into a Rhet Butler daze. The historic plantations and properties have been well kept and are a stark reminder of the rice economy which dominated the land over a century ago.

It’s a unique view and a relaxing experience. One tip:  I recommend packing a cooler filled lunch during this nearly 3-hour tour, to keep you full and hydrated as you take in the flora and fauna.