Pier fishing is a great outdoor activity that is both easy-to-learn AND easy on the wallet. Not only does pier fishing get people outside, it teaches respect for the ocean whether your goal is to relax with family or catch your dinner.

The first step to pier fishing is having the right equipment. There are three basics you can’t go without:

  • Fishing Rod/Pole: Anglers will need a basic spinning rod that is 12 to 50-pound tested. When pier fishing, a fairly light pole will do the trick, and most pier’s along the Grand Strand have tackle shops where a rod can be rented on-site.
  • Bait: One of the most popular (and easiest) types of pier fishing bait in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is shrimp, although tackle shops usually offer several options. Live bait is also a great choice, too, but requires a little more equipment to keep it alive while you fish.
  • Cooler/Bucket: To put your catches in!

While the above is pretty much everything one needs to get started pier fishing, there are several other items that simplify pier fishing for those that go often. Your own rod, weights, J-hooks, scissors, pliers, tackle box and lawn chair all make a day on the pier a little easier if you plan to make a hobby of it.

Have you been pier fishing before? What items would you suggest people pack?