There are unique ways to propose to your loved one ... and then there's the Myrtle Beach way.

Aaron, a recent visitor to the Grand Strand, got his family and friends' help to create the perfect proposal for his girlfriend, Ashley. And it was all done on the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel.

While Ashley and her friends were taking spins on the SkyWheel and enjoying the best views of the Myrtle Beach area and the Atlantic Ocean, Aaron and company were down on the beach lighting luminaries that were spelled out to read, Will You Marry Me, Ashley?

Once the ride came to a stop, Ashley headed down to the beach and tearfully accepted flowers from everyone who was gathered around in anticipation of her answer.

At the end of the receiving line was Aaron, who fumbled for a split second with getting the ring out of his pocket before popping the question officially. Once Ashley said yes, the cheering and celebration began!

This epic romantic gesture was captured on film and uploaded to YouTube on March 24, 2014. As of March 27, it has been viewed over 6,500 times and could be on its way to going viral. We're certainly going to help with that.

Congratulations Aaron and Ashley!