Starting several years ago, the folks at Visit Myrtle Beach began mentioning how they’d like me to ride the Slingshot in downtown Myrtle Beach. It’s located near the SkyWheel and is visible from Visit Myrtle Beach offices. In fact it’s so close you can regularly hear screams throughout the day.

I said no. I really, really, REALLY didn’t want to do it. Roller coasters are scary. The Slingshot is TERRIFYING. I’d rather have a cavity filled.

But I finally caved and planned a visit the other day with a friend. It was 100 percent as bad as I had expected (see video), but once the bouncing stopped the view was really nice. My only suggestion is to not eat anything before going on a ride. It’s a combination of reverse bungee jumping and skydiving and can reach up to 100 mph.

Lastly, one of the coolest things about the ride is that you can purchase video footage of your ride before you go on it. While nobody looks good terrified and bouncing around, the resulting footage can be pretty funny. Enjoy!