To be clear, I am not some adrenaline-seeking junkie by nature. I’m a mostly-stay-at-home mom who can’t sleep the night before taking on assignments that include riding the Slingshot—or in this case—the Myrtle Beach SkyCoaster. While it’s easy to find excitement at the Myrtle Beach Grand Prix (and I’m perfectly happy staying on the ground in a racecar), the entertainment park’s most thrilling ride is the high-flying SkyCoaster.

The SkyCoaster is basically a free fall ‘swing’ that takes between one and three riders up to a height of around 100 feet, where said riders then have to pull a cord that releases them into a terrifying free fall. The end result can best be compared to a giant swing. But definitely not one you’d find on a playground.

The Myrtle Beach SkyCoaster is the largest ride of its type in all of South Carolina, and it’s a lot scarier than I imagined. In fact, after riding the Slingshot in downtown Myrtle Beach, I even commented that I didn’t think this ride would make me scream. Turns out I was wrong.

Now I double dog dare you to go give it a whirl. For those interested, the SkyCoaster can be added to a wristband purchase at Myrtle Beach Grand Prix for just $5, or individual rides can be purchased for $25.