The Beach is Back!

The Myrtle Beach area is excited to welcome you back to the Beach! We are opening in a safe and smart way following the COVID-19 closures, so we're here when you are ready.

From hotels and resorts to restaurants and attractions, area businesses have come up with ways to limit person-to-person contact, promote social distancing, and keep facilities clean. It is vital that employees and guests alike take care to keep hands clean and keep their distance.


Local municipalities have worked very hard to develop regulations meant to help control the spread of the virus, and hospitality businesses have been happy to comply. Hotels and resorts may not look the way they have in the past. Many have removed common seating areas and closed business centers. Some still have closed game rooms and work out rooms. Many require pre-check-in to eliminate some personal contact, and still, others have moved check-in outdoors.

Please stay patient and be sure to follow instructions when visiting. You will find social distancing stickers on floors meant to keep people spaced appropriately. Some are trying to control the flow of visitors, so you are not needlessly passing near others. All these actions are not meant to inconvenience; they are there to promote healthy travel. Please be aware and follow the guidance.

It is a good idea to check with each lodging provider to make sure you know what to expect. Be prepared so you will not be disappointed.

Restaurants and attractions in the area also take cleanliness very seriously and will do their best to make sure tables, chairs, rails, and other surfaces are sanitized between visitors. Many now use disposable plates and plasticware, and you will not find salt and pepper shakers and condiments on the tables. If you need something like that, just ask.

And do not forget the beach! How can you forget that? With 60 miles of beautiful wide-open beaches, there is plenty of room to spread out.  But remember, social distancing is also required on the beach, so please stay in family groups, or in groups of three or less, and make sure you are at least six feet away from others.

As always, please clean up after yourself on the beach and anywhere else you visit.

Our businesses are working to do their part, so we ask that you also do your part. Please do not travel if you are sick and be prepared to follow directions and regulations that are meant to promote healthy visiting. Together, we can keep the Grand Strand inviting and open for everyone to enjoy.

Visit our Healthy Travel page for more information.