There's no shortage of sand in the Myrtle Beach area. With 60 miles of beautiful, uninterrupted beaches, that shouldn't come as a surprise.

But we were once again pleasantly surprised with the fantastic work done by a crew from Florida, who turned 175 tons of sand into art.

Team Sandtastic, out of Tampa, was again commissioned to build a sand sculpture to coincide with the 2014 Big South Conference Championships.

In 2013, the sculpture was built using 150 tons of sand that were hauled in with six standard dump trucks. It took seven trucks to haul the load up this go-around.

Once it was delivered, Team Sandtastic's four-man team worked for three days to sculpt all that sand into a masterpiece that sits in front of Coastal Carolina University's HTC Center. It was unveiled on Tuesday, March 4, and many CCU students took time before their next class to get photos of the sculpture.

We did as well! Just like last year, the finished product was an awe-inspiring sight. It makes us want to invest in an art class of some kind, so we can one day create something that's even a fraction as good.

Since ESPN is once again providing coverage of the Big South Championships, their logo, as well as the Visit Myrtle Beach logo, was built into the sculpture. And they were painted red and blue, respectively. What was used to add color to the sand? It was as simple as spray paint!

So, the sculpture is done, and the Big South Championships are underway. Come out to the HTC Center now through March 9 to get a glimpse of the sculpture, and to take part in the Myrtle Beach area's own version of March Madness!

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