Sunset concert performanceLast weekend we caught a wonderful ‘Pops in the Park’ performance by the Long Bay Symphony at Marina Park at Grande Dunes. Beyond the perfect weather and setting (Marina Park is situated along the waterway), the music was phenomenal. The Long Bay Symphony is the Myrtle Beach area’s professional orchestra and while they usually perform at the Myrtle Beach High School Music and Arts Center, they can be heard at other special events and locations throughout the year.

I’ve talked to many visitors and new residents to the area who are often surprised to learn Myrtle Beach boasts its very own symphony orchestra. And a fantastic one, too! The original Long Bay Symphonic Society began in 1987 with around 36 musicians. Today, major season concerts boast closer to 80 musicians. While it might take a little more planning to include a symphonic performance in a Myrtle Beach area vacation--Long Bay Symphony generally performs around 15 times a year--it’s well worth looking ahead at your travel schedule and their performance schedule to make it happen.

Indoor concert performance by symphonyRegular performances at the Myrtle Beach High School Music and Arts Center often take place on Sunday afternoons, leaving plenty of time for a decadent dinner out after. And special event performances, like the ‘Pops in the Park’ performance we saw, often take place in scenic spots like Marina Park. But wherever they play, they certainly command attention. This past season, concerts included: ‘That Fabulous French Flair,’ ‘Bernstein and the American Experience,’ ‘The Awakening of German Romanticism,’ and ‘Russian Masterpieces.’

My husband and I both agreed that the recent concert we saw was a great change from our usual dinner and a movie date night and certainly more memorable! Right now, the next performance scheduled is the Long Bay Youth Symphony Spring Concert featuring the Youth Symphony Concerto Competition winners at Coastal Carolina University’s Wheelwright Auditorium on April 24, 2019. To keep up with upcoming performances or purchase tickets, check them out online at