Her Body & Soul spa

My mom has always called me her porcelain doll. To call me pale is an understatement. It’s no secret that for me, vacation is synonymous with sunburn. Are you with me?
Despite diligent sunscreen use, the first day of my vacation usually ends with me wanting to jump in a tub full of aloe. It’s easy to find yourself in a similar situationeven if you aren’t paper-white like mebut sunburn can just about ruin a perfectly pleasant vacation.

That’s where Her Body & Soul Spa comes in, with a miraculous treatment they call the Honey Body Wrap. I call it bliss. The treatment is done in a hydrotherapy bed – which I learned promotes good circulation by dilating the blood vessels. It’s a great alternative to muscle relaxants and stimulates the body’s endorphinsa natural pain killer.
Even if you don’t have a sunburn, the wrap is a great way to infuse some moisture into sun-kissed (read: dry) skin.