Eco-friendly extends to eating fresh meals here in the Grand Strand! There are many types of restaurants who offer better eating for a healthier you, read on for some of my local favorites!


In the city of Myrtle Beach there are a few great hits if you are interested in eating clean. Kindbelly is a grab and go café in the heart of uptown. Offering a wide variety of interesting flavors and satisfying meals. The company is located off 79th and North Kings Highway (US 17 North). They also offer catering and dine in. The mission statement of this local favorite is to feed the community as they feed their family, by nourishing, wholesome and clean. Kindbelly offers vegan inspired meals.  Prices in this café range at two-dollar signs and they are rated 4.8/5 stars.

Bay Naturals

Is the first original healthy market and restaurant here in the Grand Strand. The company first started in 1993 and has been flourishing since. The market side of Bay Naturals offers the finest selection of healthy eating, from bulk purchases of grains all the way down the line to organics. The market side also offers a wide variety of personal needs. The restaurant on the other side of Bay Naturals serves homemade soups, salads, sandwiches and snacks. The Bay Naturals restaurant is located at 7811 North Kings Highway. At the market, every Tuesday is 20% off. Their price range is at two-dollar signs, and they are rated 4.5/5 stars.

Earth Café

The freshness of the outdoors, inside with a great deal of dedication to making every customer feel at home. The food at the Earth Café is exceptional and the ambiance of the place is very calming. Vegan friendly meals, smoothies, non-dairy creamer for coffee and a wide variety of fresh juices and smoothies. Many people love this restaurant on North Kings Highway for the great customer service, they are located at 3811 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577. The Earth Café is only open for healthy breakfast and lunch.

LŌLEO Juice bar

The hottest Juice bar around the Strand these days is LŌLEO the Grand Dunes location offers a wonderful atmosphere and is inviting to everyone. Known for their cold press and organic brownies this one is a keeper. Located at 7712 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572. The LŌLEO juice bar is open from 7 am to 6 pm.

Lekker Eats

Lekker eats is brand new to the Myrtle Beach Clean Eats Venue. Their store front is off Mayfair St and St. James Avenue. Lekker is currently getting ready to celebrate their one-year anniversary. This healthy clean vegan restaurant is in the heart of town, close to Broadway at the Beach.  The menu offers a wide variety of choice foods, but if you have nut allergies, please pay attention to the ingredients. Prices run middle of the row between a one dollar to two-dollar price point. Their delicious menu is eye catching and presented very well.

Clean Eatz

This café is one of the most popular in the Carolina Forest region of Myrtle Beach. The café offers clean eating in the shape of a bowl, salad, build a burger, wraps, flatbreads, makin’ muscle corner, side, smoothies and kids. High school students often prefer eating here at Clean Eatz to beat the fast-food world. The café offers options such as meal planning, catering and grab and go meals. The company also offers home delivery of delicious menu items. They are currently located 4012 Postal Way, Myrtle Beach. Their price point is double-dollar signs.

There are also several Farmer's Markets across the Grand Strand that offer fresh produce grown locally that will provide great nutrients and a healthy touch to any dish. Check them out in our blog post. Whether you are here for business, vacation or are a resident in our lovely beach town, clean eating should be part of the weekly plans to go out and get something yummy. You belong at The Beach!