Lee’s Farmers Market

Not in the mood to eat out every day of your vacation, but still want to enjoy fresh local produce and sea food? That’s the mindset I was in, driving down Route 17 in the hope of finding a farmer’s market offering farm fresh eggs and perhaps a few peaches. As if right on cue, I spotted the sign for Lee’s Farmer’s Market  and quickly made a U-turn to take a peek inside.

Walking through the front door, I knew immediately I’d hit the jackpot. The market was full, wall-to-wall, of fresh produce, meats and seafood, as well as a variety of homemade baked goods and local packaged foods.

After talking with the manager, I learned that the eggs I was after were so fresh I had to walk out back to the hen house and gather them myself. I also found out they have a garden and what produce they don’t grow on-site, they source from nearby farms.

I picked up a few items to stock the hotel fridge for the remainder of my stay in Myrtle Beach; I highly suggest you do the same!