Here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, we have a TON of activities to keep your little ones busy and entertained, but traveling here can be a different story. Whether you’re road tripping or headed to the airport, here are a few tips to make traveling with children just a little bit easier.

  1. Schedule travel around nap times. By traveling around nap times or even at night, you can ensure that most traveling time is spent with snoozing kids. This is especially helpful for little ones that get frustrated easily in a car seat.
  2. Travel light. Try to stick to carry on size luggage whenever possible. If you’re traveling to Myrtle Beach, there’s a good chance you may be staying in a condo or rental home. If that’s the case, you’ll have a washer and dryer at your disposal! By doing a little laundry instead of packing the whole closet, you’ll save space in the car or money at the airport.
  3. Consider renting baby equipment while on vacation. Instead of packing strollers, portable cribs, highchairs and more, rent them for the duration of your stay. There are a few Myrtle Beach businesses, like Baby’s Away, that will drop off rental equipment wherever you’re staying.

**Bonus: Sometimes vacation rental homes come with basic baby equipment like safety gates and highchairs. Call ahead to see if they already provide what you might need, so you don’t have to pack it. 

  1. Supply snacks (lots and lots of them). Snacks on the road or in the airport are never as healthy as we want them to be, and if you’re traveling with kids you’re going to need a LOT of snacks. Dried fruits, granola bars, small crackers or those little squeeze packs are easy on the go and keep kiddos distracted. We try to stay away from candy of any kind—sugar highs and crashes while traveling are no fun for parents. Also, remember to pack refillable water bottles. If you’re flying, you can fill those up at the gate before boarding.
  2. Pack a ‘surprise bag.’ This may take a little planning ahead, but it’s WELL WORTH the effort. Try to pack one for each of your kids. Some good items to include are books they’ve never seen, a few new small toys, crayons, coloring books, sticker books, card games and activities. Whenever little ones start to get bored, let them pull something new out of their surprise bags to keep behavior in check.

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