Growing up in the Myrtle Beach area, I often remember being asked where the locals hung out or what locals did for fun. In fact, I’m still asked all the time. Generally, locals are working when the bulk of our visitors are enjoying the beaches and Myrtle Beach nightlife, but I do always offer these few bits of advice to those lucky enough to be planning a trip.

  1. Visit in the Fall: Locals have known forever that fall is the best time of year along our coasts, but the secret is starting to get out. While the weather is still warm, it’s a little more comfortable. Prices also begin to drop and you won’t spend time fighting crowds of people at attractions or restaurants. Check out Fall Deals.
  2. Get up early for at least one sunrise: While California may be able to brag about their sunsets, we get to brag about our sunrises. You probably feel like sleeping in while on vacation, but set your alarm clock at least one morning so you’re able to see (and photograph!) a beautiful Myrtle Beach sunrise. It never disappoints.
  3. Explore more than the beach: While our 60 miles of picture-perfect shoreline is definitely the main attraction, the Myrtle Beach area is home to several other bodies of water equally deserving of your attention. Kayaking, paddleboarding or boating along one of our rivers, marshes or lakes is an experience you won’t soon forget. Find more watersports.
  4. Eat at an iconic Myrtle Beach area restaurant: Dining at a family-owned historic restaurant while you’re here will satisfy your appetite and give you the opportunity to meet some longtime locals. A few favorites include Peaches Corner, Hoskins Restaurant, the Sea Captain’s House and Mammy’s Kitchen. Find more dining.
  5. Utilize our state parks: The Myrtle Beach area is home to two outstanding state parks—Myrtle Beach State Park and Huntington Beach State Park. Not only do the parks host excellent programs (often free) throughout the year, the beaches in these areas tend to be a lot less crowded. The nature trails, campsites and knowledgeable rangers are also great! More about the state parks.

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