As I enter the newly opened Coccadotts cupcake shop, I’m keenly aware of the very difficult decision awaits: which cupcake am I going to choose to eat immediately and which half dozen am I going to bring home with me? 

This is the second location for the Albany, N.Y., owners – who were featured on TLC’s popular Cupcake Wars – have dished out no shortage of flavors. From Watermelon to Strawberry Margarita, Banana Split to Corona, Opposites Attract to savory Bacon, or even Chicken Wing concoctions, they promise not to disappoint with every bite.

As much as I knew I wanted to fit into my summer bikini, I couldn’t resist the urge to splurge on these beautifully decorated sweets. I highly recommend giving into temptation at this one-of-a-kind sweet stop.