Lee’s Inlet Apothecary

Walk through the front door of Lee’s Inlet Apothecary and you’re instantly transported to another era. During my last visit to Murrells Inlet, I stopped in to try one of their legendary malts. Upon entering, my eye was immediately drawn to a long counter where a waitress was serving up an ice cream soda. The rest of the shop’s walls are lined with pharmaceuticals, and in the back a pharmacist stands ready to fill your order.

After looking over the old fashioned soda fountain menu and realizing they also served sandwiches, I pulled up a chair and ordered some lunch (and a chocolate malt, of course).  As I ate, I had a chance to soak in the charming atmosphere. 

Along with a large selection of present-day medicines, the shop also displays a collection of antique pharmaceuticals. The combination of the two produces a sense of nostalgia, conjuring up a time when folks knew their pharmacist and mailman by name. I can’t wait until my next vacation to the Grand Strand so I can share this little gem with my family.