The Brentwood

I admit that I’m not really a ghost person. I believe in spirits but have never actually seen anything of the paranormal variety. So I’ve always been intrigued by the rumors about the haunted happenings at The Brentwood. 

In recent years, the restaurant has been studied by several “Ghost Hunters” and been certified as haunted. For a time the Victorian house was used as a bed and breakfast by the family who owned it and, rumor has it, a few visitors may have outstayed their welcome. 

I was alerted to the story on a recent visit there and pointed to a noticeably creepy photo in the downstairs men’s bathroom. It was reportedly an item from the home’s past owners. Because the people in the photo seem to follow you with their eyes when looking at it, new owner and chef of the restaurant, Eric Masson, decided to remove it. Turns out someone didn’t like that one bit: all of the glass in the upstairs bar broke at the same time. They quickly returned the photo and haven’t had any recurrences.

Sorry gents!

Have you had any ghostly encounters to share?